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Stevie R - Inicio de la Magia w/ Monkey Safari Remix

Stevie R - Inicio de la Magia w/ Monkey Safari Remix

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London based Stavros Potamitis aka Stevie R, steps up to the Tenampa podium and delivers the magnificent 'Inicio de la Magia' EP. The EP displays Stevie R's signature radiant style and top notch production that is full of rich melodies and genuine emotions.

'Inicio de la Magia' is a deep groover with an infectious vocal by the Turkish singer Djanan Turan. A subtle melody adds depth to the track, while an emotional "Tzouras" guitar gives us a hint of funk! Timeless music to immerse yourself on the club dancefloors or in the comfort of your own home.

Monkey Safari ​are a long time dancefloor favorite, with releases on the globally renowned labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, and their own imprint: Hommage. The German duo gives a late night dancefloor workout, combining horn hints and picked strings with a funked out twist that packs a mighty punch.

'Tres Brujas' is up next, where Stevie R displays his signature musical blend of organic melodic sounds, detailed sound design and trippy percussion. A powerful disco bassline adds both groove and depth and needs to be heard to be believed. Analogue synth master Taoma adds his trademark modular lines taking the track to breathtaking heights.

We struggle to pick a favourite in this amazing EP, which one is yours?
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