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Timo Maas - The Religion of Love w/ Kotelett Remixes

Timo Maas - The Religion of Love w/ Kotelett Remixes

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Timo Maas is a legend and a dance music pioneer that has been on a 30-year quest to deliver his musical wizardry to the world. He has been a constant industry presence, touring on a regular basis and releasing music on the best record labels globally.

It is a true honor for Tenampa to have him for our 100th release!

'The Religion of Love' is a dark driven progressive workout with a cleverly constructed soundscape of brass basslines and atmospheric lead lines with meticulously detailed rhythmic patterns that will keep you on the hook.

On the Remix duties is Europe dance scene favorite Kotelett from the German duo Kotelett&Zadak, who are known for their regular releases on Poker Flat and Exploited Records.

Kotelett shows great respect to Timo's work by sticking to the mood of the original track, but offering a more spaced out version with a warmer groove and additional melodic elements.

'Brummer' is up next, again Timo displaying his signature style: "percussive wet funk". Deep, dark and raw! As the track develops a loud sci-fi-like synths appear in the sonic range, building tension and maintaining a hypnotic edge.

Closing the package is a bonus mix by Kotelett adding punchier and chunkier drums, hypnotic yet moody and musical. This one is a bit of a gem.

Another winner from Timo and Kotelett. Enjoy!

Artwork: Xavier Fajardo.

Mastering: Sasse.

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